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Daniel Chou

From a humble background, battling $35,000 of debt and the daunting weight of a lawsuit by American Express, Daniel's journey has been nothing short of inspirational.

In December 2020, faced with the pressing need to uplift his family from the grips of government welfare and food stamps, Daniel took a leap of faith. He poured his heart and soul into his online business, driven by the unwavering determination to give his loved ones a brighter, better future.

His grit and perseverance paid off. In just 18 months, Daniel transformed his life, rising to become a shining beacon in the digital world, generating multiple six-figure incomes year after year.

Now, he's on a mission to share the strategies behind his success, so that you too can rewrite your story of triumph against all odds. Let Daniel inspire and guide you to reach for the stars, just as he did.

Nathan Bokkers

While many find comfort in an $87,000/year trucking job, Nathan Bokkers, a high school dropout who battled addiction for 8 years and has been clean for 13, saw it as just one phase of his journey. 

From driving on rugged terrains as an Off Highway Log Truck Driver to personal struggles, Nathan always aimed for more, especially for his wife and two children.

In 2022, Nathan shifted gears from the open road to the digital domain, amassing over $265,000+ Canadian. By 2023, with Daniel by his side, together they've created a 7-figure brand.

Nathan's tale isn't merely about financial milestones, but resilience, transformation, and the power of dreams. His journey is a testament: with conviction and hard work, one can rewrite their destiny. Let Nathan's story embolden you to overcome obstacles and chase your dreams.

jonathan montoya

Jonathan started his business with negative $1,200 in the bank. He spent over $40,000 in various courses, mentors and programs in just first 9 months of starting to be able to learn the skills as fast as possible.

Jonathan has now served over 60,000 students with his online courses which help people leave their 9-5 job.

He was able to leave his job within 9 months of starting his business and has now built a massive online community.

With a YouTube Channel of over 80,000 Subscribers, Email list of over 700,000+, and massive social media following on multiple platforms. 

His missions is to help people achieve financial, location and time freedom just like he was able to achieve.

Founding Owner of Funnel Freedom, Freedom Breakthrough & Much More! 
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